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Acidual Ingredients

Acidual Ingredients are reagent grade organic compounds found in powder state. It is used in labs. A. B. Enterprises offers an extensive range of acidual ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of various acids and chemicals. We offer acidual ingredients with precise composition and safe application. Reach out to us for all types of Acidual Ingredients including Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Meleic Acid Food Additives, Sorbitol, Propyl Glycol, and Calcium Propionate.


Magaldrate is an organic compound which is odorless and appears as white crystalline powder. It is a common antacid drug for treating duodenal and gastric ulcers. It is insoluble in water and ethanol whereas it can dissolves in dilute acids. You can identify it easily as it gives a positive test for magnesium, aluminium, and sulphate. A. B. Enterprises is a world-leader manufacturer and supplier of numerous chemicals. Ask us for the best rates and quality of chemicals in the market.

Additive (Enhance Hide & Flow)

Get access to the best samples of Additive (Enhance Hide & Flow) available anywhere. A. B. Enterprises offers Additive (Enhance Hide & Flow) that are 98% pure. These additives appear in liquid state. The applications of these additives are that it modifiees the flow of the systems and improves dispersion to offer good hiding and brightness of the shade. These additives are useful for creating resin systems like Alkyd, Modified Resins (Maleic / Phenolic), etc.

Additive (Wetting Agent)

Are you in the need of best quality Additive (Wetting Agent)? A. B. Enterprises is the leading supplier of Additive (Wetting Agent) across India, rest of Asia, America, Africa, and Europe. The purest samples of Additive (Wetting Agent) are dispatched in bottles to reach your premises in least possible time. These additives appear as light-yellow transparent liquid. Yuo can use them as wetting agent for water-borne systems.

Add-Eco (One Pack Blend of Additives)

Add-Eco has a pH Value of 7 +/- 0.5. It appears as milky-white viscous liquid. You can obtain the best quality Add-Eco (One Pack Blend of Additives) from A. B. Enterprises. One Pack Additives are used widely in low-priced water-borne coating systems. Such as distempers, putties, and cheap primers. These blends consist of a dispersing agent and an in-can preservative.


Almagate is used widely by pharmaceutical companies. This is an orgianic compound which is appears as fine-white odourless powder. It is an antacid drug which can neutralize gastric acid. It is insoluble in water whereas it dissolves easily in dilute acids. A. B. Enterprises is the leading supplier of Amalgate across the world. We can bring you the best quality amalgates at competitive pricing.