Anthranilamide Derivatives

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Anthranilamide Derivatives

A. B. Enterprises is India's leading exporter of industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals. We are the most preferred importer, supplier, and distributor of Anthranilamide Derivatives. We deliver compounds like 2-amino, N, N-diethylbenzamide, 2-amino, N, N-dibenzyl benzamide, 2-amino,N-methyl benzamide 4141-08-6, 2-amino, N-ethyl benzamide, 2-amino N-methyl, N-benzyl Benzamide, 2-Amino N-Phenethyl Benzamide, etc.

2-Amino, N, N-Diethylbenzamide

2-Amino, N, N-Diethylbenzamide is a technical grade chemical with the molecular weight of 192.263 g/mol. It is used primarily in industries. Its chemical formula is C11H16N2O. A. B. Enterprises has strict parameters during the manufacturing process. The specialized team in the company oversees that the strict parameters are met while manufacturing chemicals.

2-Amino, N, N-Dibenzyl Benzamide

2-Amino, N, N-Dibenzyl Benzamide is also called as 2-amino,N,N-dibenzyl benzamide. Its CBNumber is CB91502971. A. B. Enterprises builds and supplies chemicals that conform to clients' specifications. We have very strict guidelines for manufacturing chemicals. We follow the industry best practices of manufacturing and packaging to ensure that you get the best quality chemicals.

2-Amino, N-Methyl Benzamide 4141-08-6

2-Amino, N-Methyl Benzamide is an Anthranilamide Derivative with the CAS number as 4141-08-6. Its molecular formula is c8h10n2o. Its molecular weight is 150. 18. A. B. Enterprises has over 30 years of experience in providing chemicals to countries all over the world. We know how our painstaking efforts amount to a longer shelf life for you and improved results.

2-Amino N-Phenethyl Benzamide

2-Amino N-Phenethyl Benzamide is also called Benzamide, 2-Amino-N-(2-Phenylethyl) has a molecular formula of C15H16N2O and molecular weight 240.3. A. B. Enterprises provides some of the best chemicals to countries all over the world. We follow a strict process to develop chemicals using the best raw materials. Contact us for all your chemicals requirement.

2-amino N-tertiarybutyl Benzamide

2-amino N-tertiarybutyl Benzamide is an organic compound with the CAS number 1203-89-0. It has a molecular formula of c11h16n2o. It has a molecular weight of 192.26. Its molecular file is 1203-89-0. Mol. A. B. Enterprises brings you top-quality chemicals at industry's best rates. We have a team of industry's best chemical experts that oversee the entire manufacturing process.

2-amino N-(3-trifluoromethyl Phenyl) Benzamide

2-Amino-N-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]benzamide is a compound with the molecular formula of C14H11F3N2O. Its average mass is 280.245 Da. Its monoisotopic mass is 280.082336 Da. A. B. Enterprises fosters a team of chemical experts. Our chemicals have a long shelf life because of accurate formulation ensuring that it has long shelf life.