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Get access to top-quality Benzenes. A.B. Enterprises offers all types of Benzenes including 4-(4-Bromo Phenyl) Morpholine, Benzalphthalide, Formulated Oils, etc. .

4-(4-Bromo Phenyl) Morpholine

4-(4-Bromo Phenyl) Morpholine has the CAS number as 30483-75-1. It is from the reagent grade. Its molecular formula is C10H12BrNO. Its molecular weight (g per mol) is 242.11. Its purity level is 97%. It appears in white to tan colors. A. B. Enterprises is known for providing the best quality chemicals with the best purity specifications. Reach out to us for all your chemical requirements.


Benzalphthalide is a reagent grade powder. It has wide industrial applications. It has a molecular formula of C15H10O2 and a molecular weight of 222.24. It appears in pale yellow to yellow colored crystalline powder form. The compound melts at 99-102 °C (lit.) temperatures. A. B. Enterprises follows the industry's best practices to develop the chemicals with the best shelf life.

Iodosobenzene Diacetate

Iodosobenzene Diacetate is a bio-tech grade organic compound which appears as powder. It is used primarily in laboratories. Its chemical formula is C10H11IO4 and molar mass is 322.10 g·mol−1. A. B. Enterprises brings you a world-class offering at stunning prices. Choose any type of chemical and see how we offer you the best rate for you.

Formulated Oils

Get your hands on the best quality formulated paraffinic oil bottles. It is a viscous liquid whose grade meets the analytical specification of Ph. Eur., bp. It contains aromatic polycyclic compounds. A. B. Enterprises offer the best formulated oils that are found in the market. We have the best experts who oversee the manufacturing process and employ the best practices.