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A.B. Enterprises offers you an extensive range of carefully manufactured Casnos. Our range of Casnos include Ethyl 5-Amino-4-(4-Chloropheny)Ioxazole-3-Carboxylate and 3-(4-Bromphhenyl)-5-Methyloisoxazole-4-Carboxylic Acid. Contact us today if you are searching for the best grade of chemcials at competitive rates.

Ethyl 5-Amino-4-(4-Chloropheny)Ioxazole-3-Carboxylate

Ethyl 5-Amino-4-(4-Chloropheny)isoxazole-3-Carboxylate is an organic compound with the chemical formula of C12H11ClN2O3. It is a reagent grade chemical. A. B. Enterprises comes with a proven track record of manufacturing, supplying, and delivering the best quality chemicals. Get the best quote for your Ethyl 5-Amino-4-(4-Chloropheny)isoxazole-3-Carboxylate requirement by reaching out to us.

3-(4-Bromphhenyl)-5-Methyloisoxazole-4-Carboxylic Acid

3-(4-Bromphhenyl)-5-Methyloisoxazole-4-Carboxylic Acid has a CAS number of 91182-58-0. The molecular formula is C11H8BrNO3. Its molecular weight is 282.09. The CAS number is 91182-58-0. Its melting point is 216-218 °C. A. B. Enterprises brings you a wide catalogue of chemicals at market-leading fares. From commercial usage to lab applications, we provide chemicals for all your end applications.