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A.B. Enterprises brings you top-grade Culture Media that are made using the best techniques of manufacturing. We use only the top-quality raw materials in our manufacturing process.

Auromine O 2465-27-2

Auromine O 2465-27-2 is a white colored powder although its commercial samples can appear yellowish. Its molecular formula is C17H22ClN3 and molecular weight is 303.83. This compound melts at temperatures greater than 250 °C (dec.)(lit.). It is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. A. B. Enterprises can bring you supreme quality of Auromine O 2465-27-2 withih a week.

Brilliant Blue G250

Brilliant Blue G250 6104-58-1 is also commonly known as Coomassie Brilliant Blue . It is the common name of 2 triphenylmethane dyes formerly used in the textile industries. These dyes are now used in analytical biochemistry as staining proteins. Both these dyes differe from each other because of addition of 2 methyl groups in Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 as opposed to Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250. The chemical formula of Brilliant Blue G250 is C47H50N3NaO7S2 (Sodium salt) and its molar mass is 856.03 g/mol.

Cresyl Violet Acetate

Cresyl Violet Acetate is a chemical compound with the molecular formula of C18H15N3O3. Its CAS Number is 10510-54-0. Its pH Value is 3. It is also called as 9-Amino-5-imino-5H-benzo[a]phenoxazine acetate salt. Its molecular weight is 321.33 g/mol. A. B. Enterprises makes top quality chemicals for companies around the world. Contact us for the best quality Cresyl Violet Acetate which will be delivered to you in record time at very competitive rates.

Fast Green FCF

Fast Green FCF is a chemical dye that appears in the powder form. Its Cas No. is 2353-45-9. The molecular weight of Fast Green FCF is 808.85. Its melting point is 290 °C. It is soluble in water. The application of Fast Green FCF dye is in protein staining during IEF. A. B. Enterprises is well-known for prompt delivery of all types of chemicals and dyes to worldwide locations.

Giemsa Stain

Giemsa Stain has a CAS number of 51811-82-6 and is available in liquid form. Its storage temperature is 20 °C. If you stain blood films with Giemsa Stain, the nucleus and cytoplasm of white blood cells attain blue or pink colouration. A. B. Enterprises offers small and wholesale delivery of Giemsa Stain and other chemicals.

Cesium Acetate

Cesium Acetate has a chemical formula of C2H3CsO2. Its CAS Number is 3396-11-0. It has a molar mass of 191.949 g/mol. Cesium Acetate appears in colourless, hygroscopic form. Its density is 2.423 g/cm3, solid. Its melting point is 194 °C (381 °F; 467 K) and boiling point is 945 °C (1,733 °F; 1,218 K). It is perfectly solubile in water. Contact A. B. Enterprises for quality offerings and prompt delivery.