Food Chemical

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Food Chemical

A. B. Enterprises is a well-renowned importer, supplier and distributor of many in-demand food chemicals. Reach out to us to get your orders for Acetem, Polyglycerol Esters of Edible Fatty Acids (PGE), Lactem, Sorbitan Tri Stearate (STS), Eggless Cake Premix/Concentrate, Sorbitan Mono Oleate (SMO), etc. fulfilled.

Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium hydroxide is a white solid inorganic compound. Its chemical formula is Mg(OH)2. It appears in the solid state. It has low solubility in water. It is used majorly in antacid tablets and laxatives. A. B. Enterprises offers supreme quality magnesium hydroxide with longer shelf life. We are among the leading exporters of magnesium hydroxide in India. We offer Magnesium hydroxide which is practically insoluble in water. The pure quality Magnesium Hydroxide we offer is used to develop high quality flame retardants, rubber, plastics & ceramics, glass, effluent treatment, and other magnesium salts, food nutritional products.

Citric Acid Monohydrate

Citric Acid Monohydrate is a white colored powder. It is a food grade chemical. Its Cas No. is 5949-29-1. It has a molecular formula of C6H8O7 · H2O. It has an assay of 99-102%. A. B. Enterprises brings you the best quality Citric Acid Monohydrate solution. We are one of the most reputed exporters of Citric Acid Monohydrate in India.

Ethyl Caprate

Ethyl Caprate is a reagent grade chemical with the molecular formula of C12H24O2. It is found in the liquid state. Its molecular weight is 200.32. Its CAS N0. is 110-38-3. It appears as transparent liquid. It has over 99% purity. It is used for food additives. A. B. Enterprises is the leading exporter of Ethyl Caprate in India.

Ethyl Heptanoate

Ethyl Heptanoate is a transparent oily liquid with the CAS NO.: 106-30-9. It has a molecular formula of C9H18O2. Its molecular weight is 158.24. It finds application as food additives. A. B. Enterprises uses the best methodologies to bring forth a perfectly crafter Ethyl Heptanoate solution for you. We offer chemicals that are expertly formulated using top quality chemical compounds.

3-Methylbutyl 3-Methylbutanoate

3-Methylbutyl 3-Methylbutanoate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula of C10H20O2. Its molecular weight is 172.26. It has a CAS number of 659-70-1. It has a purity level of greater than 99%. It appears as colorless liquid. It is used as food additive. A. B. Enterprises uses top-notch raw materials in the manufacturing process to ensure that the end product is devoid of impurity. Contact us for the best quality 3-Methylbutyl 3-Methylbutanoate samples.

Ethyl Isovalerate

Ethyl Isovalerate is compound that appears in the form of colorless liquid. Its CAS Number is 108-64-5. It has a molecular formula of C7H14O2. Its molecular weight (g per mol) is C7H14O2. It has a purity level of 99%. It has a CAS number of 108-64-5. It is used as food additive. A. B. Enterprises is market's leading exporter in chemicals.

Ethyl 2-Methylbutyrate

Ethyl 2-Methylbutyrate is food chemical with the CAS number of 7452-79-1. Its molecular formula is C7H14O2. It has a molecular weight of 130.1849. It appears as a colorless liquid with over 99% purity. It is used for food additives. It has a boiling point of 135.1°C at 760 mmHg. A. B. Enterprises has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of chemicals from India to around the world.