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1-Naphthylamine 4-Sulphonic Acid

1-Naphthylamine 4-Sulphonic Acid is an useful chemical compound with the chemical formula of C10H9NO3S. Its molecular Weight (g per mol) is 223.25. Contact A. B. Enterprises, if you are searching for the best provider of 1-Naphthylamine 4-Sulphonic Acid. A. B. Enterprises with its over two and a half decades of experience as leading chemical supplier.

Grade Standard Chemical Grade
Molecular Formula C10H9NO3S
CAS Number 84-86-6
Molecular Weight (g per mol) 223.25

2 Napthol 3 6 Di Sulphonic Acid

2 Napthol 3 6 Di Sulphonic Acid is a chemical with the molecular formula of C10H8O7S2. Its molecular weight is 304.287 g/mol. A. B. Enterprises offers a wide variety of chemicals to the world over. All the chemicals offered by A. B. Enterprises are precisely formulated by experts so that they have a better shelf life and offer you the best results.

Free Flow Additives For Table Salts

Do you need free flow additives for table salts but don't know how to procure them? At A. B. Enterprises, we understand your dilemma of searching the market for a matching product that fits your requirements.

We offer free flowing additives for table salts that can be customized as per your requirements.

Free Flow Chemicals And Additives

Free flow chemicals and additives are not very easily available in the market. A. B. Enterprises is a trustworthy name in the field of chemical suppliers. Having been a prominent supplier in the field for the past two decade, we are perfectly equipped to bring you the best batches of free flow chemicals and additives.

Electronic Cleaning Solvents

A. B. Enterprises offers electronic cleaning solutions that can be used to effectively clean TV, electronic instruments, watches, greases, instruments, etc. We offer the best quality trichloroethylene which is a chemical compound with the chemical formula of C2HCl3. It is a very popular industrial solvent which is soluble in ether, ethanol and chloroform. You can use trichloroethylene as an organic solvent for numerous organic materials too.

N Propyl Bromide 1 Bromopropane

n-propylbromide 1-Bromopropane or 1-Bromopropane has a chemical formula of CH3CH2CH2Br. It is colorless liquid in appearance. It has been a very popular industrial chemical whose application increased significantly in the last century. It is used as a solvent for adhesives in glues and asphalt productions. You can use it remove the residue of soldering. With A. B. Enterprises, you can get your hand on the best quality n-propylbromide 1-Bromopropane.