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We are the amongst the world's leading suppliers of Indoles. We offer all types of Indoles including 5-Nitroisophthalic Acid Oxone PS-16, 2-(2-Pyrrolidinyl) Indole, Pyridine and 6-Methyl Indole.

5-Nitroisophthalic Acid

5-Nitroisophthalic Acid is an organic compound with the assay of 98% and CAS number of 618-88-2. Its melting point is 259-261 °C. Its molecular weight is 211.13 g per mol. It has many industrial applications. It is found in the liquid state.

A. B. Enterprises is known all over the world as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of 5-Nitroisophthalic Acid.

Oxone PS-16

Oxone PS-16 has a CAS number of 70693-62-8. Its molecular weight is 307.38 g per mol. It has a titration of 4.0 %. A. B. Enterprises brings you access to top-grade industrial chemicals at very reasonable rates. You can reach out to us with your requirements of Oxone PS-16 anywhere in India and many places in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

2-(2-Pyrrolidinyl) Indole

A. B. Enterprises brings you the optimum quality chemical offerings at prompt times within your budget. 2-(2-Pyrrolidinyl) Indole is an aromatic compound. It is a heterocyclic organic compound. 2-(2-Pyrrolidinyl) Indole is an integral ingredient to creating fragrances and as lead-up to many pharmaceuticals. We can offer you the best chemicals from across the world.


Pyridine is a heterocyclic organic compound. Its chemical formula is C5H5N. Its structure relates to benzene. It was discovered in 1849. It is used to develop agro chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It is a handy reagent. When added to Ethanol, Pyridine makes it unfit for drinking. It is used in the synthesizing sulfapyridine, tripelennamine and antihistaminic drugs. A. B. Enterprises knows how to help you procure the best quality Pyridine within the shortest lead time.

6-Methyl Indole

6-Methyl Indole is an industrial grade chemical with the molecular formula of C9H9N. It appears in the liquid state. Its purity level is 99%. It is used across industrial and laboratories. It is appears in both solid and liquid form. We, at A. B. Enterprises, use our wealth of experience to offer you the best quality of chemicals at competitive rates.