Industrial Chemical

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Industrial Chemical

Industrial chemicals are the chemicals that are developed specifically for industrial applications and usage. They may be used for industry research, government applications and academia purposes. They may have dangerous applications and may be hazardous for using without proper precautions and safety equipment. Preparing industry chemicals requires unique expertise and skillful execution. A. B. Enterprises offers many types of industrial chemicals.

Manganese Acetate

A. B. Enterprises offers a great assortment of industrial chemicals including Manganese Acetate. It is found as white colored crystals. It is industrial grade chemical with molecular formula C4H6MnO4. It is also called as Manganese(II) acetate; Manganese acetate; 638-38-0; Manganous acetate; Diacetylmanganese, etc. It has a molecular weight of 173.026 g/mol. Its CAS number is 638-38-0.

Cinnamic Alcohol

A. B. Enterprises offers a great range of industrial chemicals including Cinnamic Alcohol. It is an industrial grade chemical that appears as solid state. Its molecular formula is C9H10O. It is also called as Cinnamyl alcohol, Cinnamic alcohol, Styryl carbinol, Phenylallyl alcohol, etc. It has CAS number of 104-54-1. It has a density of 1.0397 g/cm3 at 35 °C. Its melting point is 33 °C. It is slightly soluble in water.

Cadmium Bromide

We offer a wide range of industrial chemicals including Cadmium Bromide. It appears in the solid state. It functions as catalyst. It is a technical grade chemical with the molecular formula of CdBr2. It is insoluble in water. It has a CAS registry number of CdBr2. It has a molar mass of 272.22 g/mol. It appears as a white to pale yellow crystalline solid. It has a density of 5.192 g/cm3.

Naphthalenedisulfonic Acid

A. B. Enterprises offers a great mix of industrial chemicals including Naphthalenedisulfonic Acid. It appears in the powder form. It is a fluorescent organic chemical with the chemical formula of C10H6(SO3H)2. It is a strong acid which is colorless solid in appearance. It is also called as Armstrong's acid. Its CAS number is 81-04-9. Its molar mass is 288.299 g/mol.