Iron Protein Compound

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Iron Protein Compound

A.B. Enterprises are the world's leading suppliers of Iron Protein Compounds. We use state of the art techniques to create chemicals with minimal wastage. Our experts ensure that the chemicals are then packed in spill-free containers to ensure that they reach you to offer you the maximum shelf life.

Iron (III) Hydroxy Polymaltose Complex

Iron (III) Hydroxy Polymaltose is a chemical compound which appears as reddish brown powder. It is soluble in water. Its pH value is 6. 85. It undergoes 2.17% loss on drying. It appears as a free-flowing powder which is non-metallic and non-salty in taste. It is a popular source of iron in tablets. It is odourless in nature and dissolves easily in water. It is insoluble in organic solvents. A. B. Enterprises has been a leading supplier of Iron (III) Hydroxy Polymaltose to major companies around the world.

2-Bromopyridine, 95%

2-Bromopyridine 95% is a reagent-grade chemical. Its CAS Number is 109-04-6. It has an assay of 95%. Its molecular weight is 158.00. Its boiling point is 192-194 °C. A. B. Enterprises offers the best assortment of chemicals at highly competitive rates. We take utmost care in our manufacturing and shipment to ensure that there is no spillage. All our chemicals have an outstanding shelf life because of the attention to detail we put in developing them.

Mix Xylene

Mix Xylene is a transparent liquid which appears clear and devoid of sediments when viewed at 18 to 26°C temperature. It has an acid wash colored appearance. A. B. Enterprises brings you the best assortment of chemicals at competitive rates. We use effective methodologies to ensure that our chemicals have a longer shelf life, accurate formulation and accurate pH values.

Ethyl Chloroformate

Ethyl Chloroformate is a colorless and transparent liquid which has a CAS number of 541-41-3. It is mostly used as a reactive chemical intermediate. It is used as intermediate for many structural group intermediates such as carbonate, pyrocarbonate, etc. Ethyl Chloroformate has widespread pharmaceutical and agricultural requirements. A. B. Enterprises understands your requirements and then offers you the best Ethyl Chloroformate solution available in the market.

Metham Sodium

Metham Sodium is also known as Metham sodium, Carbathion, Carbathione, Carbothion, Metamsodium, Metam-sodium, etc. It has a chemical formula of C2H4NNaS2. Its CAS number is 137-42-8. It has a molar mass of 129.18 g/mol. A. B. Enterprises brings you the timely delivey of best quality chemicals such as Metham Sodium.

Ferric Hydroxide

Ferric Hydroxide is also called as iron(III) oxide-hydroxide. It has a CAS number of 1310-14-1. It appears as orange colored opaque crystals. It is odorless in nature. It is soluble in water. Yellow iron oxide is used as pigments in cosmetics and tattoo inks. It is also used in aquariums around the world to treat phosphate binder.