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Laboratory Chemical

We know how critical it is for Laboratory Chemicals to be carefully made using only the best ingredients. All our chemicals are of the highest quality. We cmanufacture, supply and export some of the best quality Laboratory Chemicals used by labs across the world.

Mono Sodium Phosphate Dihydrate LR

Mono Sodium Phosphate Dihydrate is a chemical compound which has a molecular formula of NaH2 PO4. 2H2O. Its moecular weight is 156.01. The CAS NO. is [13472-35-0]. It undergoes a los of 21-24 % on drying. A. B. Enterprises offers a wide range of chemicals for labs and industries alike.


2-amino,N,N-dimethylbenzamide is also called as benzamide, 2-amino-n,n-dimethyl-; and 2-amino-n,n-dimethyl-benzamide. It has a molecular formula of C9H12N2O. Its molecular weight is 164. 2044. The density of 2-amino,N,N-dimethylbenzamide is 1.116g/cm3. You can boil it at 332. 3°c at 760 mmhg. It will reach its flash point at 154. 8°C.


Nilutamid is a non-steroidal antiandrogen. It is used to treat prostrate cancer. It is taken by mouth. It is used in harmone therapy by women to treat their acne and seborrhea. Nilutamide can be used by men to battle prostrate cancer and slow down its progression. It can be used for hormone therapy by transgender women. A. B. Enterprises can offer the best quality Nilutamid for clinical and commercial purposes.

Formula C12H10F3N3O4
Molar mass 317.221 g/mol
Trade names Nilandron, Anandron
Synonyms RU-23908
AHFS/Drugs Monograph
MedlinePlus a697044
MedlinePlus a697044
Drug class Nonsteroidal antiandrogen

Air Borne Bactarias And Viruses Control And Killed

Get rid of air borne bacterias and viruses with Klo spray. A. B. Enterprises has been a global powerhouse that offers the best value for money chemicals for both industrial and lab usage. We make the best quality chemicals accessible to all the labs and industries in the major parts of the world at very competitive rates.

Mercury 99.999

Get your hands at prime virgin silver liquid Mercury 99.999%. It is free from heavy metals and silver in appearnce. It is odorless and insoluble in water. It has numerous applications including agricultural poisons, anti-fouling paint, dental amalgam, dry cell batteries, barometers, thermometers, and electrical apparatus. Its molecular weight is 200.59. Its melting point is -38.87 °C and boiling point is 356.6 °C(lit.).

Free Flow Additives For Milk Powder

Get access to the best quality of free flow additives for milk powder for all your dairy needs. A. B. Enterprises offers free flow additives for milk powder with adequate dairy whitener additives. Or sample contain light silicon dioxide and other vital ingredients. We are a globally trusted name in the field of chemicals supply since 1984.