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A. B. Enterprises is a reliable name in chemical supply. We use the latest advances in tech to offer chemicals that offer optimum performance. We then ensure that the chemicals ace stringent tests before they are dispatched. We offer a wide range of new chemicals like arsenic acid, Sugar Cane Wax, Organic Syntheses, Behenic Acid, Tall Oils, etc.

Arsenic Acid

Arsenic acid is known by many other names such as Orthoarsenic acid, Desiccant L-10 and Zotox. It has a molecular formula of H3AsO4 and its molar mass is 141.94 g/mol. It is a colorless acid which appears as White translucent crystals. Its density is 2.5 g/cm3. Its melting point is 35.5 °C (95.9 °F; 308.6 K). Its boiling point is 120 °C (248 °F; 393 K). It is soluble in alcohol. It is a toxic material which is used to create pesticides. It is used as wood preservative.

Chemical formula H3AsO4
Molar mass 141.94 g/mol
Molecular Formula C12H15NO8
Appearance White translucent crystals,hygroscopic.
Density 2.5 g/cm3
Melting point 35.5 °C (95.9 °F; 308.6 K)
Boiling point 120 °C (248 °F; 393 K) decomposes
Solubility in water 16.7 g/100 mL
Solubility soluble in alcohol
Vapor pressure 55 hPa (50 °C)
Acidity (pKa) 2.19, 6.94, 11.5

Sugar Cane Wax

A. B. Enterprises offers a wide range of chemicals including Sugar Cane Wax that is supplied to all parts of India and abroad. We use advanced technology to create chemical compounds of the best quality. We ensure to test it for the best optimum quality before it is dispatched to you in durable packaging. We offer a superior quality of waxes that offer a better level of oil retention and higher gloss levels.

Organic Syntheses

A. B. Enterprises offers all types of chemicals that are required by labs, pharmacies and industries. Our organic syntheses includes a wide variety of chemical compound classes such as Carbocycles, Heterocycles, Carbohydrates, Amino acids, Chiral synthesis, Aromatic compounds, Steroid compounds & Small peptides. We undertake hazardous reactions that require the use of Triphosgene, Thionyl Chloride, Phosphorous Oxychloride, Carbon Dioxide, Liquid Ammonia, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Bromide etc.

Behenic Acid

Behenic acid is a carboxylic acid that is also known as docosanoic acid. It has a molecular formula of C21H43COOH. It appears as crystals or powders that are white or cream colored. It has a melting point of 80 °C. Its boiling point is 306 °C. It is used as saturated fatty acids. It is used in moisturizers and hair conditioners. It is also used as anti-foaming agent in detergents.

Tall Oils

A. B. Enterprises offers a wide range of Tall Oils. It is a thick yellowish-black colored odourless liquid. It is obtained as a by-product of the Kraft process of wood pulp manufacturing. We use ingredients of the highest quality and ensure that the chemicals are manufactured using cutting-edge practices. We offer chemicals in the best packaging material. All our chemicals come at a competitive pricing.

Neville Winther Acid

Neville Winther Acid is also called as 1-Naphthol 4-Sulfonic Acid or 4-hydroxy-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid. Its chemical formula is C10H7NaO4S. It has a CAS registry number of 84-87-7. Its molecular weight is 224. It appears as an off-white dry powder. It has a purity level of 63% min (By NV).

Inorganic Azides

A. B. Enterprises offers a multitude of chemicals including Inorganic Azides. It has commercial applications. There are many inorganic azides but Pb(N3)2 is the azide that is more explosive. It finds application in creating detonators that detonate secondary explosives. It appears as a white powder.

Polypropylene Ether

A. B. Enterprises offers the best quality Polypropylene Ether. It has a molecular formula of C4H10O2 and its CAS registry number is 107-98-2. The molar mass of Polypropylene Ether is 90.12 g·mol−1. It is an organic solvent which can be widely used for a wide variety of industrial and chemical uses. It is used as a carrier or solvent for writing inks. It is also used to create paint stripper.

Titanium Carbide

A. B. Enterprises offers impeccable quality Titanium Carbide samples. It appears as grey colored powder. It is a reagent grade chemical. It has a purity level of 99.5%. Its density is 4.93 g/cm3. It is used in tool bits. It is also used in creating cermets.