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Pyridine is a heterocyclic organic compound with a structural resemblance to benzene. It was first discovered in 1849. It is used to develop agro chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It is a handy reagent. When added to Ethanol, Pyridine makes it unfit for drinking. It is used in the synthesizing sulfapyridine, tripelennamine and antihistaminic drugs. A. B. Enterprises knows how to help you procure the best quality Pyridine within the shortest lead time.

4, 6- Dichloro-5- Nitropyrimidine

4, 6- Dichloro-5- Nitropyrimidine is an organic compound which finds applications in laboratories. Its molecular formula is C4HCl2N3O2. It is a reagent grade chemical with the molecular weight of 193.98 g per mol. Reach out to A. B. Enterprises who are the experts in this field of chemical manufacturing and supply. We use industry's best practices and tools to develop chemicals with enhanced shelf life and minimal wastage.

2, 4- Dichloro-5-Amino Pyrimidine

2, 4- Dichloro-5-Amino Pyrimidine has a CAS No. of 5177-27-5. It is also commonly known as Synonyms 2,4-Dichloro-5-pyrimidinamine;2,4-dichloropyrimidin-5-amine or 5-AMino-2,4-dichloropyriMidine 97%. Its molecular formula is C4H3Cl2N3 and molecular weight is 163.99. With A. B. Enterprises, you get an experienced team of manufacturers and suppliers who put in painstaking hours to ensure that the product you get is of superior quality.

CAS No. 5177-27-5
Chemical Name 2,4-Dichloro-5-aminopyrimidine
Synonyms 2,4-Dichloro-5-pyrimidinamine;2,4-DICHLOROPYRIMIDIN-5-AMINE;5-AMINO-2,4-DICHLOROPYRIMIDINE;2,4-DICHLORO-5-AMINOPYRIMIDINE;5-Pyrimidinamine, 2,4-dichloro-;2,4-DICHLORO-PYRIMIDIN-5-YLAMINE;2,4-di chloro-5-aMinoMpyriMidine;5-AMino-2,4-dichloropyriMidine 97%;5-Amino-2,4-dichloropyrimidine ,98%
CB Number CB7442834
Molecular Formula C4H3Cl2N3
Formula Weight 163.99

Potassium Hexafluoroantimonate

Potassium Hexafluoroantimonate is a chemical that appears as powder or crystals. It is white or off-whitish in color. Its CAS Number is 16893-92-8. The molecular formula is F6KSb and its formula weight is 274.85 g/mol. With A. B. Enterprises, you don't only get the market's leading manufacturer to offer the best quality chemical samples to you but you also get an assured peace of mind. A. B. Enterprises has over 30 years of industry shaping experience in manufacturing and supplying chemicals.

Antimony Nitrate

Do you need Antimony Nitrate but don't know who to approach? Contact A. B. Enterprises for the best quality Antimony Nitrate samples delivered to you without minimal delay. Antimony Nitrate, which is also called as AntiMony nitrate, has a molecular formula of N3O9Sb. Its CAS number is 20328-96-5 and average mass is 307.775.